Why are we the best choice?

Our company is a family-owned business. It is a renovation and construction company with 20 years of experience in construction industry. We mainly work with clients in Poland and Scandinavia. The most convincing asset of our company is a well-qualified and skilled team of workers. We also value complying with deadlines and preserving safety regulations during work. We focus on the quality of works by using the best materials and latest technologies.

About us

Krzysztof Sobesto

Krzysztof Sobesto, the owner of the company, has 39 years of experience in the carpentry industry. He is a real professional. Running a carpentry workshop is not only his work, but also his passion. He can turn any piece of wood into a work of art. For 19 years, he has been ensuring that the products which leave the carpentry workshop are of highest quality.

Rafał Sobesto

Rafał Sobesto, a son of Krzysztof, is the project manager in our company. Rafał has several years of experience in modular construction on the Scandinavian market. He prides himself in his accuracy, timeliness and ingenuity. He is always eager to take up new challenges and for that reason the company has been flourishing rapidly.